Best Excuse of the Decade, Dept.


OK, fewer calculus courses offered in high schools. And what with Andrew Hacker saying students really don’t need the math that’s taught in high schools (never mind that those who want to major in STEM might differ with his opinion; when Hacker speaks he speaks for everyone apparently) the dearth of calc classes should be taken as a good thing. And sure enough, someone took the bait:

“But some critics said that the lower amounts of upper-level math courses offered is not such a bad thing.

“According to the Deseret News, “Some critics say the math skills now demanded of many high school students are simply harder than they need to be, even for the majority of college-bound students. But the result is many students struggle with complex math that, critics argue, they will not need for most college majors or even high-level careers.” ”

I would agree that making everyone take 4 yrs of math in high school is overkill. In my era, 2 yrs of math was all that was required. But if you wanted to, you could take 4 yrs which is what I and others did. Why eliminate that pathway?

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