Articles I Never Finished Reading, Dept.

Bechtel Corp gave a $10 million grant to Calif State U’s ed schools “to train current and future teachers on new math and science standards.”

There’s the usual intro rhetoric:

” “For California and the nation to continue leading in the world’s key economic sectors, we must continue to ensure our teachers are equipped with the latest teaching strategies that support high standards, innovation and creativity,” CSU Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Loren Blanchard said in a written statement.”

Then there’s this:

“Math, for example, has gone from a subject in which students needed only to memorize math operations to one in which students need to master collaborating with fellow students to get the right answer as well as orally critiquing and analyzing how other students solved a problem.”

Yes, we’ve heard this one before and we know how it ends, thank you very much.

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