Sometimes We Need To Just Tell Them

Yes, this needs to be said; and practiced. And those who practice it should not be shunned as ineffective teachers.

The Girl On The Piccadilly Line

seahorseI want to share something that happened today. I’m currently doing three weeks of supply work in Year 2 class at a really lovely school in North London. One of our lessons today was drawing and painting seahorses. I’ve always found drawing really difficult and as a child I remember the frustration when the picture I’d drawn looked nothing like how I’d imagined. In the past I would have set up the paints, shown the pupils a few pictures of seahorses and modelled how to draw one. Then I’d have sent the children to their tables where the paint would have already have been out and told them to do their own.

Today I tried something slightly different. I still showed them pictures of seahorses and we discussed the colours etc… then I showed them these instructions:

draw a seahorse.jpg

I then modelled how to follow the instructions by drawing my own:


Then, as I would have done in the past, I sent the…

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One thought on “Sometimes We Need To Just Tell Them

  1. Absolutely we sometimes, actually often, have to tell them what to do. Keep it simple and straightforward.

    And more to the point, discovery math just doesn’t work for vast majority of students.


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